Meet Tyler Rambali

Tyler is a Nebraska girl who graduated from the Doane University with a BA in Theatre and Minor in Music. Her Senior year performance as Smee in Peter and the Starcatcher received many praises and received a nomination for an Irene Ryan Award. Upon graduation, she took off for the mountains of Colorado and got married to her college sweet-heart and moved to the Sioux City area where she was nominated and won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Cassie Cooper in Rumors. Then she was off to New York City to pursue acting and continue being a Barista!  She is a character actress with strong roots in comedy and theatre. She soon found her way into The Network NYC Theatre Company and had the pleasure of working in 4 of the shows in Season 7. She also began taking classes with Natalie Wilson and Paul Michael, as well as going to workshops and working on a few projects. 

One of Tyler’s strengths is her energy and comedic timing. She tends to play warm characters that are quirky, energetic, and adventurous. However, she has also been known to play intense, coming-of-age, strong females as well.

Besides her passion for acting,Tyler loves animals and has one cat and one corgi that she and her husband love endlessly. She also loves to travel, mostly by car going cross-country as a child and prefers it to be able to sing out as loud as she wants. She has been many states in the U.S., to Haiti and Tijuana for mission work, and to London not too long ago where she saw amazing theatre and is currently making plans to go back again soon.